Master Class


May 22 2018 | SOLD OUT



Come join Katie Davis for a day of mediation, meaningful conversation and flower making while we celebrate the beginning of Summer with flower party at the Brook's Garden's Peony fields! 

As a part of our farm-to-table workshop series, this full day course will explore how to use the peonies grown in the fields surrounding us, along with masses of locally grown flowers to create stunning bridal bouquets.

During the first part of the day we'll begin with a flower meditation, learning to spend time reflecting on the beauty of each flower we encounter. Surrounded by peonies and sunshine we will laugh, learn and create beautiful bridal bouquets together. 

We will break for a beautifully prepared luncheon in the garden, and later in the afternoon guests will finish their bouquets and get ready for a photo shoot featuring their flowers. 

At the end of the day, we will enjoy a seasonal sunset meal (with a birthday cake since it's Katie's birthday week!) set in the middle of the peony fields during golden hour. A dream day come true! 

This class is open to learners of all skill levels in floristry and we will have a photographer onsite to capture our work for portfolio and memories.

We look forward to seeing you in the Peony fields! 


We are so excited to announce our brand new Farm to Table series of workshops and classes. This special series is dedicated to the farmer, grower, florist, and anyone who holds the earth and it’s beauty closely. 

The format is a little different than our other opportunities, a little grittier as we’ll be as close to the earth as we can get. We’ll offer glamping opportunities when available for our multiple day offerings and beautiful food grown locally for every meal. This is your opportunity to explore the world of flower farming, gain a new perspective on the flowers we work with every day and create gloriously beautiful arrangements with the freshest product possible, straight from the farm! 

We will get to spend time with the farmers that make it all happen, gather armloads of flowers to create gorgeous arrangements with, and eat food grown within a few miles of where we’ll be. These days will be magical, transformational and inspiring.

Photos by: Lahna Marie Photography
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Floral shears, flowers and foliage and all other materials needed for the course

Floral demonstrations and one-on-one instruction with Katie Davis

Access to photos taken during the day for portfolio usage and memories

Refreshments available throughout the day with a luncheon midday and a dinner feast! 

Floral community + and new flower friends 




WELCOME: Creative Meditation in the flower fields + Flower Demonstration by Katie

TEA AND CHAT: Q+A time where you can ask whatever business or flower questions you have

CREATE: Katie demonstrates and leads guests in the process of creating a Bridal bouquet 

LUNCHEON: Beautiful lunch will be served

CREATE: Finishing the bouquet

PHOTOS: We will photograph each bouquet as they are finished. 

HAPPY HOUR + GROUP REFLECTION: We will exchange phone numbers and email address, chat as a group about the day’s experience and hold space for future dreams and plans with each other!

6:00 PM FEASTING AND DANCING: Celebrate with your new flower friends, today was a glorious day! 


*Please keep in mind that this schedule is used as a guide and subject to change slightly


This Master Class will be held at Brooks Gardens near Salem, Oregon. You will be responsible for all travel arrangement to get to the Workshop (including airfare and car rental/train fare/etc.)

Please feel free to email with any questions or of you need help making arrangements.


Nearest airport: Portland International Airport (PDX): about 1 hour (by car)


Accommodations are NOT included but there are lots of nearby accommodations we can recommend.