Ponderosa Flower School


Floristry 201: Career & Artistry


January 2019


Floristry 201: Career & Artistry (Offered January, May, August, and November in 2019)

Building on basic techniques and skills, this course is designed for the florist who has mastered the beginner basics and wants to dive deeper in to the art of floral design, and become a designer and business owner that creates from the heart and soul, while running a successful business. We will teach you practical skills to build and run your business out of a place of love and internal confidence instead of fear and comparison, and work with you to help discover and uncover your very own creative voice within the floral industry.

In this course we will explore topics from color blending, to pushing the boundaries in shape and design technique to accomplish astonishing and editorial designs, as well as advanced technique in nature-led bouquet making, large-scale arrangements, urns, editorial floral styling, tablescapes and installation art.

We’ll expand on the practical business conversations we started in our 101 course, and help you create a plan to make your business more profitable as you begin to reach the clients you really want! We will cover lots of topics, from in-depth marketing, to pricing, hiring your team, contracts, collaborating with other professionals and more! 

We’ll teach you new ways to approach floral design from an artistic standpoint, moving beyond basic technique into creative freedom that will revolutionize your brand!

*This course has been designed for those that have the mastered the Floristry 101 topics and feel confident in their beginning floral knowledge.

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