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Hello dear flower friends!

I'm thrilled to be able to expand our offerings in the Ponderosa Classroom Online and provide a way for us to connect in real life, every single month in 2021!

Because of you and your support, our classroom has become a place where flower people find each other and gather each month to learn the art of floral design while continuing to build an intentional community of love and support within the flower industry and beyond.

Members of the Ponderosa Classroom Online will receive;

•   Access to my entire library of all past (100+) in-depth floral education videos in the Ponderosa Classroom

•    Members only access to our Ponderosa Community Facebook group and online forums

•   Downloadable guides and ingredient lists for each lesson, meditation and workshops

•   Access to full length IG Live Video Replays from @ponderosa_and_thyme Instagram

•   Connection and community with like-hearted flower friends

2021 Ponderosa Classroom Online Schedule

JANUARY: Dried Flowers: Bring these trending beauties into your 2021

Live Online Workshop Jan. 31st, 11AM*: “Dried Garden Bridal Bouquet”make-along and Q+A

FEBRUARY: Flower Tips and Tricks: This month I’ll cover my favorite and most requested mechanics and techniques to beautify, support, and extend the life of your flowers.

Live Online Workshop Feb. 28th, 12PM*: “Wearables: Corsages, Boutonnieres, and Flowers for Your Hair” make-along and Q+A

MARCH: Foam Free Installations! Pt. 1: A Focus on Cloud, Hanging, and Wall installations

Live Online Workshop 28th, 1PM*: “Foam Free Arch Installation*” make-along and Q+A

APRIL: Bouq-Camp: This month I’ll cover my favorite bridal bouquet techniques + a new method I think you’ll love

Live Online Workshop April 25th, 2PM*: "Bouq-Camp" make-along and Q+A

MAY: Flower Crown Par-Tea: Various flower crown techniques and styles + beautiful herbal/floral tea recipes for 2021

Live Online Workshop May 30th, 3PM*: “Flower Crowns and Tea Party” make-along and Q+A

JUNE: Garden Romance: Working with nature’s most swoon-worthy blooms (Roses and Peonies and Bearded Iris, Oh My!)

Live Online Workshop (Date TBD): “Cascading Garden Bouquets” make-along and Q+A

JULY: Boutique Weddings: How one (or two) can pull off a beautiful wedding, includes my go-to techniques for wedding season + a convo on contracts, pricing, storage and transport of flowers.

Live Online Workshop (Date TBD): “Simply Romantic Centerpieces”make-along and Q+A

AUGUST: Big Bold Blooms: Working with minimal ingredients to create maximum impact

Live Online Workshop (Date TBD): “Incorporating Drama into Your Designs” make-along and Q+A

SEPTEMBER: Everyday Flowers: how to make the most accessible and inexpensive flowers look amazing.

Live Online Workshop (Date TBD): “Autumnal Vine-y Wreaths” make-along and Q+A

OCTOBER: Funky Textures: Incorporating unexpected and unique ingredients into your arrangements  

Live Online Workshop (Date TBD): “Community Convo + Q+A.” I’ll share about starting a business, life/work balance, etc.

NOVEMBER: Foam Free Installations! Pt. 2:  A focus on Large-Scale, Meadow/Aisle Installations

Live Online Workshop (Date TBD): “Doorway Installation*” make-along and Q+A

DECEMBER: Dutch Masters: This month I’ll teach you how to create beautiful flowers to create painterly images. Includes a ‘Dutch Master’s’ inspired photography tutorial.  

Zoom Workshop (Date TBD): “Dutch Master’s Demo & Light Study” make-along and Q+A

(*All times/subjects listed are Pacific Time and subject to change with notice given).

So, just to recap... All in all, we'll have more than 36 brand new videos coming your way in 2021, it's going to be a great year!

I can't wait to see you in the classroom,

Love, Katie

SIGN UP HERE: ponderosaclassroom.vhx.tv

Images by Jacob Brooks of Brumley and Wells

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