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You've asked for it, we've been working hard to make it happen... and now we are so excited to introduce the Ponderosa Classroom Online!!!

After years of connecting online and teaching around the world, we found there are a few consistent requests we've received:

  • More in-depth education available online
  • Access to music playlists
  • Recipes for our arrangements
  • Information on relevant business and creative topics
  • High-quality online content accessible 24/7
  • Budget-friendly learning opportunities

Ponderosa & Thyme is addressing these needs, by creating the Ponderosa Classroom Online! Monthly memberships are  $12.50 USD per month, and annual memberships are only $125 USD.

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Photos by:

Kim Branagan Photography, 2018

Talewinds Visuals, 2018

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Videos will be released monthly, and we will announce a general video outline quarterly, such as our Winter Quarter below.



Floral Meditation - Rest & Restore

Floral Lesson - Pantone Color of the Year Editorial Bouquet


Floral Meditation - Self-Love

Floral Lesson - Jewel Toned Romantic & Cascading Bridal Bouquet


Floral Meditation- Nourish

Creative Conversation - Creating Your Online Home


Floral Lesson - Textural Winter Wreath (AVAILABLE NOW!)

Floral Meditation - Intention (AVAILABLE NOW!)

Floral Lesson - European Hand-Tied Bouquet with a Ponderosa Twist (Coming soon)

Conversation - Caring for your Creative Heart (Coming soon)

*as an example of the year to come

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What's Ponderosa Classroom Online?

It's a video subscription service that will give you a front row seat to monthly education in my classroom. Members will have access to a growing library of education and inspiration, accessible 24/7 on a new digital platform! I will be pouring my heart and soul into crafting content that is both educational and inspiring.

What will be included in the Ponderosa Classroom Online membership?

As an active member you will receive two new videos each month, one will be either a Lesson or Conversation, the other will be a beautifully captured Floral Meditation that you can watch again and again.

You will have access to the growing library of content where you can go to re-watch and continue to grow in your floral design practice. In addition, you will receive guides specific to each video, including recipes, key-takeaways, inspirational quotes and more via email as a downloadable PDF.

Tell me more about the Lessons?

Step-by-step, I will create and explain the techniques and ideas behind making some of my very favorite bouquets and arrangements. I will talk you through my creative process and give you the beginning tools you need to succeed in making a similar design! 

When Lessons are released, all active members (meaning you!) will receive a downloadable Lesson Guide that includes a recipe and all the details you would need to make the same arrangement at home.

What will be discussed in the Conversations?

In these sessions we will discuss important topics (business, relationships, community) for the creative floristry industry, drawing on my 20 years of experience in floristry and calling on the expertise of friends and colleagues working across industries to expand our subject matter.

When the Conversations videos are released, all active members will receive a downloadable Conversation Guide to recap and help you get the most from what was covered.

What should I expect from the Meditations?

Similar to what I have done on Instagram over the past few years, I will create a floral arrangement alongside a selection of hand picked music that fits the movement and flow of the floral design process.

The Floral Meditations are less about teaching, and more about placing value in the process of creating. These sessions are meant to inspire and encourage you. When the Meditation videos are released, members will receive a downloadable Meditation Guide with our monthly Mantra and a special downloadable surprise!

How will the Playlists work?

Each month I will be curating custom Creative Process Playlists that will be released via Spotify. You will get a link and written list right to your inbox.

Spotify memberships are free to listen online with some advertising, or if you have a membership you can download the playlist to listen off-line.

Can I pay month-to-month?

Yes, very soon! Once we launch the platform in January, you will be able to subscribe month-to-month for $12.50 USD. Annual membership will be $125.

Will I get access to previous guides if I sign-up later on?

For now the guides are restricted to active members when the videos are released. Each month the Guide will be delivered via email as a PDF that members can save and access when they need to. We may occasionally run specials were previous guides are available, but they are not guaranteed. You will have access to the library of past videos.