Ponderosa Clarity Retreat




August 26-30, 2019


Over the years Ponderosa & Thyme has become known for magically curated, life-changing workshops. Now I am so proud to introduce something new: the PONDEROSA CLARITY RETREAT, a safe place to discover what's next for you and your creative journey.

". . . a retreat like none other, a rest for the bones, a jump-start for your mind, and a salve for the places of your heart that you didn't realize needed some tenderness."  
- Hannah, 2018

Photographers, painters, florists and dancers, no matter the  pursuit, creative professionals share the same challenge: maintaining the spark of inspiration when our passion is also our work. The Ponderosa Clarity Retreat will be a unique blend of focused strategizing, and the time and space to get from the experience what is most valuable to YOU. This is the Ponderosa experience, but without the flowers (okay, maybe some flowers).

Join me in Italy during the season of abundance. Prepare to be inspired by the harvest, the warmth of the castle, and an amazing group of fellow artists and creatives.

We'll support your entrepreneurial endeavors by engaging in professional discussions based around:

  • Expanding your creativity
  • Refining your vision
  • Marketing and branding
  • How to collaborate with other creatives
  • Roundtable style brainstorming sessions

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8:30 to 10:00 AM | Breakfast at your leisure

Morning creative meditation

Lecture and business discussion


Group creative or inspirational activity

Rest, create, or play (your choice)


*If you have any questions about the overall schedule, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help!

email: hello@ponderosaandthyme.com | phone: 971-719-4000

"This workshop helped me to unearth my creative independence, to really consider and own my work and my creative process. It allowed me to believe in and value my self."
- Miranda, 2018




We are offering a reduced rate for any two people wanting to bunk together! Bring your mom, sibling, partner or anyone that you don’t mind sharing a bed with, and get an good deal on both tickets! ($400 off each!)


5 Days + 4 Nights at the beautiful Castello di Potentino

Wholesome, handcrafted meals during your stay (Potentino wine served)

Group transport from Firenze, Italy (available for additional fee)


Daily creative meditations led by Katie Davis

Variety of activities to encourage rest and inspire your creativity, such as:

     - Hiking and foraging walks

     - Swimming

     - Access to library

     - Floral arranging

     - Cooking class

Thematic group discussions, covering:

     - Marketing

     - Branding

     - Collaborations

     - Strategic planning

     - And more!

Roundtable style brainstorming sessions

Group art installation with foraged materials

Curated photo shoot

BONUS: One year membership to the Ponderosa Classroom Online (starting the month you register)


In addition to the inspirational backdrop of our location, you'll have opportunities to:

     - Make photographs

     - Add to your sketch book

     - Write in your journal

     - Practice foraged floral design

*All creatives welcome! You are welcome to bring your artistic medium with you to be inspired by our time together. If you are a photographer, bring your camera; if you are a painter, feel free to bring your paints; etc. Get in touch if you have any questions about what you're allowed to bring.


We will have a Workshop Photographer who will provide:

     - Professional headshots (optional)

     - Access to the guest gallery that will have both candid and editorial shots that capture the retreat experience


Welcome gift

Retreat workbook - including meditations, exercises, and discussion overviews

All materials and supplies

"What can I say to befit this journey. The venue was embracing, a glorious Tuscan castle of colour and soulful spirit. The food spun from the fields and bakery. The heart of this however was Katie and her team. Warmth, gentility, quietly run, supportive and challenging. Soul opening and creatively absorbing."
- Inky, 2018


The setting for this transformative event is one of the most genuinely special places I have ever been. Nestled into the arms of a green, rolling valley, Castello di Potentino is an absolute feast for the senses. Beauty is in everything, from the cozy, rustic rooms to the expansive yet intimate landscape. Bird song, the rustle of grass in the breeze, the smell of fresh oregano pouring in with the rising and setting of the sun (no kidding, it smells like pizza!), the fireflies dancing in the twilight, it's all perfection. The Castello even features farm to table meals! And yes, if you're curious, that does include vintages of incredible Potentino estate wine (vino, if you want to start practing your Italian).


"Katie has a very unique and special gift and has found a way to share it that is so inspiring and moving, I couldn't help but feel lifted up and carried-  even months after it was over. I've had friends and colleagues tell me they've noticed a new self awareness and confidence since the workshop and I feel it. I'm forever grateful!"
- Katie, 2018

"From the start of the workshop to the last goodbye we were valued, encouraged, listened to, taught, hugged and loved. The workshop is a holistic experience which allows space to learn, grow, reflect, renew and develop friendships with amazing creatives worldwide. The community is so open, loving, nurturing and fun. It is a time that will forever remain in each of our hearts and souls as a sacred time. Very grateful to have attended this workshop."
- Rosie, 2018

"Katie and the community she has built through Ponderosa and Thyme are just as amazing in real life as the girl crush you've likely developed on them from the available points of connection online. This earth-mother woman has a unique fire in her bones for nurturing the entire person, for feeding the whole creative self, and for forging connections between people that then spill over into the artwork they create while they are together."
-Hannah, 2018

*Airfare, ground transportation and travel expenses not included. There will be an opportunity to sign-up for a group shuttle from Florence (Firenze) to Potentino.