Early Spring Bouquets


Ponderosa Master Class


March 19, 2020


Hello Friend! 

Did you Know?  March 19th is the first day of Spring! 

When I was a little girl, I liked to investigate the garden beds surrounding our house. Pressing the earth between my fingers and smelling the damp cool of the ground, watching and waiting for the bright green tips of the earliest flowers to start pushing their way out of the garden beds, nature was my escape.

As soon as the flowers were above-ground, I would gather handfuls of hyacinth, daffodils and blossoms off the plum trees, and turn them into flower "soup" or tiny bouquets for faeries. My pockets were always filled with flower confetti after I'd been adventuring all day.

I never dreamed that this exploration, and deep fascination of plant combinations would eventually lead me to discover my voice as an artist, but it absolutely did!

For me, this season is magic, the air is alive with possibility, anything feels possible.

To celebrate the first day of Spring, and this coming season of inspiration, I invite you to attend my Early Spring Flowers bridal bouquet class, March 19th in the Ponderosa Classroom! A light filled day, full of hope and joy and lots and lots of flower confetti!! 

Come explore your childlike wonder. Springtime is time to play!

I'm excited to meet everyone who comes! See you soon! 

Xx Katie Davis

P.S. This class is open to learners of all levels in floristry, and limited to 8 Students. I hope to see you there! 

Photos by Mariel Hannah, Alexandra Grace Photography, and Laura Gordon
Early Spring Bouquets
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Come celebrate the first day of Spring with Katie and your new flower friends in the cozy, light filled Ponderosa Classroom for a day of meditation, conversation and flower making while we explore the fairy-tale magic of earliest Springtime in the Pacific Northwest.

During this full day course, we will explore using all the yummiest early spring flowers (Hellebore, Narcissus, and blossoms oh my!) to create the most drop dead gorgeous, Springtime bridal bouquets! 

We'll meet in the morning and begin with a flower meditation, taking time to reflect on this wonderful new season, and prepare our minds and hearts to enter Spring with renewed focus and joy. Katie will demonstrate and teach how to make a glorious Springtime bridal bouquet, and then you'll create your own, with Katie available to assist! When you are finished with your bouquet, Katie will teach you how to document and photograph your work, and at the end of the day we will enjoy a wonderful meal together at one of our favorite local restaurants.



Floral shears, flowers and foliage, silk ribbon and all other materials needed for the course

Floral demonstration and one-on-one instruction with Katie Davis

Access to candid photos from the Ponderosa Team taken during the day for portfolio usage and memories

Floral community and new flower friends 


Morning coffee, tea and snacks

Snacks and refreshments throughout the day

Community Dinner



9:30 AM | GUESTS ARRIVE - Coffee, tea and conversation

WELCOME - First Day of Spring Meditation + Bridal Bouquet Demonstration led by Katie Davis

LEARN & CREATE - Katie leads the class in designing their own Bridal Bouquet

LUNCH - Grab a bite to eat on your own, or make plans as a group (there are lots of options within a quick walking distance!) 

CREATE & SHOOT - Finish up your Bridal Bouquet with Katie's guidance, then learn to take photos your work

HAPPY HOUR + GROUP REFLECTION - Exchange phone numbers and email addresses, chat as a group about the day’s experience and hold space for future dreams with each other!

6:00 PM | FEASTING - Celebrate with your new flower friends, today was a glorious day! 


*Please keep in mind that this schedule is used as a guide and is subject to minor changes


This Master Class will be held at the Ponderosa Classroom in Salem, Oregon.

Guests will be responsible for all travel arrangement to get to the Master Class (including airfare and car rental/train fare/etc.).

Please feel free to email with any questions or if you need help making arrangements.


Portland International Airport (PDX) - 1.5 hours by car


While accommodations are not included, guests will be invited to book a room in The Grand Hotel for a special group rate.

The hotel is located just two blocks from the Ponderosa Classroom. More information will be included in your Welcome email upon registration.

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