"The moment when you first began making your bouquet as you were telling us bits of your life’s journey, I realized that the workshop would be more than just me getting to play around with flowers under the guidance of someone whose work I truly admire. I recognized that the following days would also be a learning experience about myself."

- Caroline R. (Bridal Bouquet Intensive, 2017)

"I’m sure many have said it before me, but the workshop was truly glorious, genuinely like nothing I’ve experienced before. Way more than just flowers. No end of my friends and family have said what an influence it has had on me; apparently I’m much happier, lighter and sparkier . . . Thank you also for helping me to start believing in myself. I didn’t realise quite how much confidence plays a role in this creative world, but it really does."

- Jennie, Quintessentially Wild (Master Class, 2017)

"I don't even know where to begin!! The entire experience of traveling to Oregon to work side by side with Katie still feels like a dream. A really good one you don't want to wake from. From the beginning Katie was thorough to find out about me, personal and work.  She made me think and see beyond my current situation before I even left for the workshop and I liked the questionnaire she had me fill out before I left. The workshop is 100% about you the student, and what you want to leave with.  Completely customized and unique to you. That part feels good knowing there won't be things that overlap and that the techniques and questions I have will be addressed. I think the best part of the workshop was having Katie let me peek into her world and her everyday life. I had a ton of questions related to her business and how things were set up and she could talk through them and show me at the same time.  She's so relatable and easy to be around. I could be myself and be vulnerable which made learning and critique that much more meaningful."

-Jill, Layered Vintage  (1:1 Workshop 2016) 

​"Seeing your process, in which you operate in this very vulnerable, connected, emotional state really helped me to break down the walls I'd created and realize I don't need them anymore. I've found myself feeling more open to others, more vulnerable, less of a robot . . . I've found that using my creative process to heal is incredibly powerful and wonderful. So thank you for providing that experience for me (and likely many of the other participants)...It just meant an awful lot."

- Cristabel, Rose & Bel Floral (Guest Teaching, 2017)

"​It has been seven weeks now and my feelings haven't settled. The glow I had when I left Dorset that day hasn't faded at all. The love and encouragement from Katie especially, and her team and all my fellow students around me for those days hasn't diminished. I arrived feeling uncertain of my own abilities and reluctant to let anyone see my work. Since I got home I have practiced every day - even on the rubbish ones when I was sure I too tired or too busy - and been proud of what I have done. My brain hasn't stopped buzzing, not even at night, and each day I have taken another step towards making my dream a reality. I know now that I can do this, and I can probably do it pretty well. I didn't know that eight weeks ago. So, sure I am going to go on other courses with other floral artists. And I'll enjoy them and learn skill sets from them and probably absorb a little bit of their style along the way. But it was five days in Dorset with Katie that made me believe I could do it, and know that I really, really wanted to, and I shall hold those days with now dear friends in my heart quite possibly forever"

- Claire, Honeysuckle and Hilda (Ponderosa Workshop, 2016)