Lesson: Ranunculus Bridal Bouquet Preview

Floral Design

We just released a brand new video on the Ponderosa Classroom Online and I love it.

Not because it’s a perfect video, but because we had to dig really deep to create it.

The week after we went into quarantine I (along with the rest of the flower world) watched wholesalers throwing away thousands upon thousands of blooms because there was literally no way to give them away in time.

About the same time, I received box of flowers from @dutchflowerline that I had ordered a few days before. The box that came was filled to the brim with some of my favorite blooms, most of them gifted just so they’d be used.

I tried to start this bouncy Ranunculus bouquet lesson a few times, but every time I’d start talking to the camera, I’d begin to cry, my heart totally overcome with the heartache that so many of my friends in this industry are facing.

James wondered if we should call it for the day, but I felt deeply like this video needed to be made, so we agreed to try and push through.

Fighting back tears, I began to create and teach and while I did, my heart filled with gratitude and hope for a future that will look much different than it has been.

Beauty creates hope, and hope gives us courage.

I finished the bouquet with a ribbon that @farmong gave me when I was with her and the whole @saison_fleurie team in Korea this time last year.... reminding me that it all comes back around... The love we give, ties us together and creates something far better than if we were apart.

We make each other better.

So even though I’ve got watery eyes, and a quiver in my voice. I’m glad we pushed through.

I think I’ll look back at this video as the day I found a spark of hope in the middle of the most uncertain times.

Love you all! 💛✌🏼😘

P.S. Entire video now up on the Ponderosa Classroom Online 💛


Katie Davis

April 9, 2020