Ponderosa & Thyme creates experiences and opportunities centered around creativity, authenticity, and personal growth.  

We work to create a supportive and inspiring environment that is immersive, intimate, beautiful, and warm. An environment where people can be truly present and connect honestly with themselves and others, in their pursuit of artistic expression and a sustainable life. 

Floristry, floral design, is the artistic medium founder Katie Davis uses to facilitate these experiences.

ABOUT KATIE DAVIS (Founder of Ponderosa & Thyme) 

Katie Davis is an internationally acclaimed florist based in Salem, Oregon, the heart of the Willamette Valley. Since founding Ponderosa & Thyme in 2011, Katie has become known for her textural designs inspired by nature. Her floral designs use the most luxurious and beautiful flowers available while incorporating locally foraged, unique, and sensory plants into each arrangement. The result is a visually breathtaking experience.

Katie's design aesthetic could be best described as playful, romantic, herb-y, and fragrant. In addition to creating florals for intimate weddings, Katie and her team host incredible workshops worldwide for florists and other creatives to explore the art of floral design. Ponderosa & Thyme continues to offer wedding and event services, specializing in intimate and heartfelt experiences.

With a heart for education, Katie has been teaching floral design since 2014, serving clients across the globe. Flowers are a language of their own, and while teaching in English, Katie is able to cross cultures with her thoughtful and emotional approach. Just as comfortable teaching the basics as she is pushing experienced professionals to expand their creative boundaries, Katie loves to help people grow, discover, and connect.


Ponderosa Workshops were created with the intention of creating a safe place for artists to grow and find their authentic voice using the medium of floral design. Katie saw a need in the florist community for supportive education that really gave time to focus on the artistry of the craft, going beyond mechanics and looking for depth. The response has been humbling and beautiful, with floral designers from across the globe, hungry for community and like minded friendship, attending Ponderosa Workshops (see our Testimonials). We have seen people take huge personal strides after attending the workshops. Ponderosa & Thyme helps people to dream bigger and push harder creatively through the encouragement and feedback of an intimate workshop community.

Due to that success, we have decided to expand our offerings through a brick and mortar location in our beautiful hometown of Salem, Oregon.


Ponderosa & Thyme is excited to announce our new creative home, the Ponderosa Classroom! While we will continue to travel to find like hearted creatives around the world, we are excited to establish a permanent creative home in our hometown of Salem, Oregon. 

The Ponderosa Classroom is designed to be a safe space for anyone seeking to explore their creativity, build community, and expand their skills and knowledge. We will be hosting our own floral intensives, workshops, and community classes, and will be also opening our space to others who seek to share their artistic mediums.


We offer a selection of one-day and two-day intensive sessions that focus on specific skills, techniques and designs to facilitate artistic expression in floral design.

Basic Art of Floral Design

This set of Ponderosa Classroom Intensive sessions are designed specifically for those individuals with a love of flowers that are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the art of floral design. Often exploring a new art form, and trying to learn all of the ins and outs can feel overwhelming, but we’ll help make floral design approachable and help strip away the fear that can stop you from pursuing your passions and following your intuition.

Career & Artistry

Building on basic floral design techniques and skill, the Career and Artistry Ponderosa Classroom Intensives are designed as continuing education for the experienced florist who wants to dive deeper into the art of floral design, and become a designer that creates from the heart and soul, while maintaining a fulfilling career and sustainable business. During these sessions we will teach you practical skills to grow and pursue your goals out of a place of love and internal confidence, instead of fear and comparison. We are excited to work with you to help you discover and uncover your very own artistic voice within the creative world.


Join Ponderosa & Thyme Community Classes to explore your creativity in a fun and supportive environment. These classes are intended for anyone who wants to join us for a few hours to play with flowers and connect with others . No prior floral experience necessary. Guests will get to take home their creations to enjoy! Check back soon for upcoming classes.


Exhilarating, life giving, life changing. Ponderosa Workshops are the driving force and passion behind the Ponderosa Team. We love to see lives transformed by the power of encouragement and community, and that’s why we do what we do.

We handpick incredible venues from all over the globe to inspire our creative process and to share a once in a lifetime experience with like minded creatives.

During our time in these beautiful retreat settings we spend unforgettable days and nights creating lifelong friendships. Together we create incredible floral art using luxurious amounts of time, eat wonderful meals, and rejuvenate our hearts while we learn (and re-learn!) the art of floral design amongst nature, architecture and history that inspire.

As a group we dig deep into the heart of creativity, remembering and reminding ourselves why we chose flowers in the first place and we encourage each other in the process of finding our place and our voice in the world as floral artists.

These workshops will challenge and inspire you, and if you come with an open heart you will be changed. Not by magic, but by being around the incredible community of like minded souls that bravely choose the vulnerable path of learning and friendship.


ENGLAND | at Butley Priory | July 11-15, 2019

FRANCE | at Chateau de Courtomer | September 26-30, 2019